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Collecting Glass Paperweights

The Information Age has allegedly made paperweights obsolete. No longer do people struggle to contain tall stacks of paper on their desks. Computers have grown smaller on the outside and larger on the inside. Every year, there is more storage capacity in smaller and more efficient units. This is why people no longer need paperweights on their desks. That does not mean they have stopped collecting and enjoying these beautiful objects. Paperweights, especially those made with glass, are objects of beauty. Many people continue to collect them for their aesthetic look.

People collect paperweights for their intriguing looks. Artists have fashioned these heavy objects and placed items such as flowers inside. The flowers have bold colors and retain their original form even though they are made from glass. The beauty of these types of paperweights is their longevity. Flowers inside them will continue to bloom for decades, perhaps centuries. This makes the paperweights an art object worthy of the attention of collectors. An entire range of flowers are available in this medium.

Original works of glass art can be expensive. Not all collectors have the financial means to create their own collection by the original artists. Glass decals and glass transfers make creating a personal collection possible. They can be added to the outside of plain glass items to mimic works of art. While not original works of art, the beauty of glass is still to be enjoyed using this method by those with a smaller income and fine taste.

Art is always in the eye of the beholder, and glass is not an exception to this rule. Collecting beautifully decorated pieces of glass, either by the original artist or not, is a hobby worthy of time and effort. It brings beauty and a touch of class into any home or office. Collecting a range of art in one medium exhibits a body of knowledge by the collector in a world other than their own. It shows a love of art in a setting that appears fragile. A lifetime of enjoyment is possible with a glass paperweight collection by many different glass artists.