Vintage Art Accessories

Decorating a home means choosing the style and matching the furnishings and accessories for a complete look. Vintage has become popular in the modern world. Homeowners have turned to interior decorators and designers to help them find the right style and the pieces to match. It takes time, effort and money if original art is part of the furnishings. Vintage pieces can be expensive, but they are worth the price if originals are important to the homeowner’s sense of style.

One of the trendiest styles for today’s home is mid-century modern. It combines clean lines with open floor plans. Furniture from the mid-century era of design mimics the straight lines of house design. Much of this furniture was made of wood, but some pieces used metal accents for a straight line look. Because the straight lines and open look are important to this style, color is centered in accessories. Art, both vintage and modern, fill in the color and add warmth to room décor.

Art pieces from the mid-century modern era have clean lines. They depend on vibrant colors to function as a focal point. This is the beauty of their appeal, and ceramics filled this role nicely in the past. They came in a variety of shapes and colors to accent any room. They were fashioned as animals, common objects and fantastical shapes of the imagination. The artists who created them added colors that stood out to make them a focal point of any room. The clean lines and basic shapes blended them into the furniture with seamless efficiency. Modern decorators cherish these beautiful pieces and often seek to add them to room décor. When a desired piece cannot be found, it can be recreated by using ceramic decals and for a complete vintage look.

Over the years, a great many of the original ceramic works have been lost. There are pictorial records for artists and home decorators who want to mimic the vintage look in any décor. These ceramic pieces can be recreated today for modern decorators to add beauty to rooms that would otherwise be cold. The basic colors and shapes of each piece can be made in modern ceramics shops and decorated in the same style as the original.