Selecting Art Deco

Bold colours and geometric shapes are the basis of art deco, and they can be seen in many places. While people may have a modern home, some of their furnishings and accessories may actual belong to this particular design. For those looking for something a bit different for their modern home, selecting art deco designs could add warmth and focus to their rooms. It is a way of combining different styles to achieve and overall satisfaction with the description of what a home should feel like.

Geometric patterns have often been a part of decor in many ages, and they can be seen in the farmhouse style. Quilts are often the quintessential definition of geometries, but they lack the bold colours that encompass art deco design. Modern quilt makers have begun to use new fabric to make their pieces, and that can change them from country chic into art deco pieces. Using them as throws across beds or couches can change the entire look and feel of a room.

The bold colours of the art deco period can also be seen in the colours of mid-century modern pieces. The emphasis is on using neutral backgrounds in that style, and then there will be several places in a room that attract the eye with the use of colour. The difference with art deco is that the surroundings need not be neutral, and they are often filled with figures that represent geometry in a positive light. Combining the two types of design with a bit of additional embellishment in the neutral tones could be a hybrid worthy of a home.

There are many times when professional designers cross over the lines to enhance a particular style. They often know exactly what they are doing, but those without their training may do it on their own. Creating a home is about personalizing a structure, and there are many styles that combine nicely to make it possible.